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For simple and affordable AML Compliance solutions
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The AML Academy is for you if you agree that:

a well trained staff is your best defence against Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory breaches and fraudsters investing in staff AML training reduces the cost to you of AML Compliance AML training should be:

The AML Compliance Module

AML Compliance just got easier...

Whatever your AML Compliance needs we hope that you will find a solution amongst the offerings on this site. If you do not find what you want, contact us and we will tailor a package to meet your needs. Through the AML Academy we provide AML Compliance training, audit and consultancy. The AML Compliance module is Cloud based software that can be tailored to the solution you want it to be.
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Instant Office
tailored to fit the role of each staff member from MLRO to reception staff, delivered using your choice of delivery medium from Workshops to Webinars, and available in packages that suit your needs from one off sessions to an agreed syllabus leading to a recognised qualification
Through the AML Academy you can also access AML Audit & Consultancy services ranging from carrying out an audit of your existing AML procedures to re-writing your AML procedures for you. Whatever country you do business in and whatever sector you operate in we can help you protect your business.
is Cloud based software that can be tailored to the AML solution you want it to be. Here are the 3 starting points:
is the quickest and easiest way to get your AML Manuals digitised and updated to meet current best AML practice. Your staff will have immediate desktop access to your updated Manuals. A comprehensive and editable AML Manual, an AML Training Centre and a host of other tools are included.
includes everything in the Entry Level module plus - a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering software solution where your staff can do (and your MLRO can monitor) all the work done for all of your clients from start to finish Implement this system and you are guaranteed to be AML Compliant.
Bespoke & Integrated:
You may have existing business “take on” systems and want to integrate AML Compliance workflows that new business has to pass through before being accepted. Our know-how and technology will dramatically reduce your development time. When we have a clear understanding of your requirements we can tailor our Full Compliance module to meet them.
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